Electric groove, hard rock trio, Mountainwolf, formed in Annapolis, Maryland in early 2012 and released their debut album “The Silk Road” in 2015. With record sales all over the world, live performances on tv, and guest online performances for newspapers, Mountainwolf current release is their sophomore album, “Absinthe Moon”. The record was released in early 2018 and was recorded at the headquarters of the world-renowned mystic, Edgar Cayce, in Virginia Beach. With a live show that includes their heavy yet infectious grooves and stream of consciousness approach to improv jams, Mountainwolf continues to grow and has just finished recording their third full length record, Part One: Thunder Honey with renowned engineer, J Robbins of Magpie Cage in Baltimore Maryland. Mountainwolf is anticipating a 2023 release for this record.


With such a diverse musical background, Mountainwolf draws inspiration from many sources. Some of the most prominent artists are:

  • Tool
  • Rage Against the Machine
  • Electric Wizard
  • Sleep
  • Om
  • Black Sabbath